“We joined EDGE because it was an affordable way for four kids to get a full day of enrichment.  After 9 years, that is still true. I couldn’t have imagined what an integral part of our home school year it would become.  I have enjoyed seeing my children learn under the enthusiasm and instruction of other moms.”

Mary, West Chicago


“I am so impressed with the quality of the classes that are offered. So much time, energy and thought are put into them, and the kids look forward to coming every week!

I like that G and E doesn’t align with one philosophy of homeschooling…there are different families from different backgrounds with different styles of home education.  I’ve learned so much from parents with different methods than mine!

It’s very well-organized. I am so thankful for the friendships that my kids AND I have made.”

Sarah, Bloomingdale


“We love Edge for lots of reasons.  We do subjects and activities here that we couldn’t or wouldn’t do at home, like P.E. or special arts classes.  We get a change of pace every week.

We all look forward to it so each week ends on a great note.  Most of all, we see and spend time with people we we enjoy and are encouraged by.  Sharing, caring, praying it all happens here.”

Angie, Wheaton


“The kids are exposed to all sorts of areas of interest arts, music, dance, tumbling, gym classes, geography, economics, hands on activity in many areas of study, science, literature, history, public speaking, and more. This has  broadened my children’s horizons, helped them to see what they are good at, and challenged them to grow in areas of weakness. It also turns out that Edge has been a guilt remover for me as it gives many opportunities that are hard for me to replicate well at home.”

Laura, West Chicago


“I couldn’t have done homeschooling without G&E.  The friendships our family made are just beyond wonderful.  We have attended weddings of the kids that were in the group with ours.  We have kept the friendships going. We were able to have some classes that would have been hard to teach at home. Lifelong Christian friendships are made.”

Kathy, Aurora


“EDGE is a place of authentic connection. I love the community and friends as well as having others teach and encourage my children.”

Crystal, West Chicago


“By far, the greatest part of this group is the wonderful Christ-centered families that attend and the amazing friendships we have made. Each semester, we look forward to signing up for new and different classes and learning something new. We look forward to our Fridays, knowing we will get to be with our friends at EDGE!”

Liz, West Chicago


“G&E is special because it’s a low-cost enrichment option. Moms use their God-given talents and strengths to bless students. We’ve attended for 6 years.”

Katie, Wood Dale