Gym & Enrichment FAQ

What is a typical day at Gym and Enrichment like?

Our days are similar to a conventional school in some ways.  We meet each Friday and hold classes with two periods in the morning, and two in the afternoon, with an assembly and lunch period in between.  Although some academic classes are offered, many of our offerings are enrichment type classes such as art and gym. Altogether there are about 20-25 classes offered each semester.

How much does is cost to join?

There is a registration fee for each child of $25 per semester in addition to the cost of class fees which vary according to teacher and type of class.  Also, each child registered for classes is required to purchase our uniform, an EDGE t-shirt, for approximately $9.  Each family also pays a $15 fee per year for EDGE membership.  These fees help us cover the cost of classes as well as our rent, insurance and special speakers and events. Two sample schedules from recent semesters are located here and here and will help you get a general idea of class fees.

What is required to join the group?

Gym and Enrichment is a 12 week commitment each semester.  Parents are required to help out in two classes, as well as take a turn once a semester to clean the building at the end of the day.  Parents are also required to be present in the building while the children are in classes.  Class helper substitutions are the responsibility of the the parent if a family is home sick or out of town.  Children are also expected to treat the teachers, fellow students, and the building with respect.  Please refer to the rules of conduct and disciplinary code outlined in the handbook for more detail. It is not a requirement to be a born-again Christian to join our group, but all teachers must sign our statement of faith.

What types of classes are offered?

With the exception of one outside  professional teacher for Dance & Tumbling  (who was also a homeschooling mom) we operate on an entirely volunteer, cooperative basis.  Classes are taught by parents who submit their ideas to the committee.  For this reason we have an eclectic mix of classes that vary greatly from semester to semester.  Some of our recent offerings include Animation, Cross Stitch, Movie Critics, Concoctions and Contraptions, Mapping the World by Heart, as well as a variety of Gym classes, Craft and Art classes, Creative Writing, Science Lab classes, Music, Stories & Games for Preschoolers, and Public Speaking.

Are there age or grade level divisions?

We attempt to offer classes to all age ranges from preschooler to teen.   Each teacher determines the age group for their class.  Students should be  the required age before the beginning of the school year.  Check out our sample schedule to see how children are grouped.  There is a nursery available which is also staffed by parents.

Where do you meet?

We meet at a church building in Glen Ellyn.

We are interested to join.  How do we proceed?

Before a new semester begins there will be one or more parent meetings for interested families.  Attending a parent meeting is mandatory for both parents before registering.  Please use the contact form to request future dates or for any other inquiries.

What is the benefit of joining EDGE if our family will not be participating in G&E?

EDGE memberships allows you to receive group emails, participate in events outside of Friday G&E such as field trips, Mom’s Night Out, Parks Days, and Project Fair.  You also receive a membership card which may help you receive discounts at museums or stores that offer discounts to teachers or homeschoolers.  EDGE members receive discount membership in HSLDA and group rate discounts for the ICHE convention.