Are you a Christian homeschooling family in DuPage County?

Are you looking for support, encouragement, instruction, and interaction with other like minded families?

Eastern DuPage for Godly Education  (EDGE) and their Friday co-op group Gym and Enrichment (G&E) were founded over twenty-five years ago with that very purpose in mind.  EDGE began as a small gathering of families who met for gym activities, but has since expanded to offer enrichment classes such as art, tumbling, dance, drama, science and writing.  Our group is made up of Christian homeschooling parents and their children who volunteer their time and talents, collectively pooling their abilities so that many may benefit.

We are a group of approximately 40 families (with 90+ children) who meet at a church in Glen Ellyn each Friday during the school year and hold a full day of classes: 2 periods in the morning, assembly and lunch, then 2 more periods in the afternoon.  For more information check out the Gym and Enrichment page.